This booklet aims to promote good environmental practices among Pantanal´s residents and visitors!

“Connecting with Nature: knowing to preserve” is the motto of the Pantanal Wildlife Program. Responsible for the publication of this booklet, the Project aims to promote good environmental practices among residents and visitors of the Pantanal, the largest continental wetland on the planet.

Focusing on the promotion of environmental education and the connection with nature in all who walk and live in the Pantanal, this material seeks to sensitize people about the care on the water resources, on the biodiversity and cultural aspects that make this biome. The Pantanal is one of the richest ecosystems in Brazil and serves as a refuge for many endangered species such as the jaguar, making it essential to spread the care to be taken with this place.

The water and climate crises, the excessive population growth and the advancement of the last wilderness areas in charge urgent actions and a quick change of paradigm. Transform our way of life in a less predatory way is a possible solution that largely depends on our reconnection with the natural cycles, that once already ruled human societies, like the seasons and the rains.

The Pantanal depends on these cycles to maintain your balance. Preserving this region is a way to guarantee the chance to rethink ourselves as integral parts of the environment. The future and the welfare of future generations will be consequences of how we treat the natural areas intact, either as residents on a daily basis, either as visitors and tourists.

To support this new path, this material covers topics such as the high water cycles governing the Pantanal, the biological diversity of the region, nature tourism, the issue of fishing and garbage. The invitation is for everyone to know the biodiversity of the Pantanal, and in addition to best practices, each of us becomes a supporter of this ecosystem.

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